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PiKNiK is the leading provider of enterprise-grade infrastructure, optimized for the next generation of the Internet
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Our Infrastructure


We believe in taking a conscious approach to our offerings which is why our hardware is mostly powered by renewable energy sources and natural gas.


At PiKNiK, reliability isn't an option. It's the backbone of our infrastructure. Enjoy the dependability of hosting within highest-rated Uptime Institute data centers for a steadfast digital experience

SOC 2 Certified

Confidence in every byte. PiKNiK's SOC 2 compliance ensures your data's privacy and integrity are our top priorities.

PiKNiK's Filecoin Frontier

PiKNiK earned a global reputation as one of the most elite storage providers within the Filecoin network, the world's largest decentralized open source Web3 data storage protocol. Our reputation was built by our professionalism and unbeatable knowledge in decentralized data storage. Are you ready to future-proof your data?
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