Beyond Boundaries

PiKNiK strikes the perfect chord between profound web3 experience and the polished professionalism enterprises demand, creating a unique space for your digital aspirations the soar.

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You don't want to be locked in? No problem. Filecoin has more than 3,000 nodes on the network at any time.


Maximum availability is what you seek? Filecoin's got you with 99.999% availability.


Want to store your OSINT data for future generations? Filecoin runs across 5 continents.


#1 Training and Certification Provider

ESPA (Enteprise Storage Provider Accelerator) was a program designed by some of the core leadership of PiKNiK and stands today as the Filecoin Network's #1 training and certifications provider. Want to learn more about it? Click below.

Building and Investing in Web3

Fueled by passion, we're dedicated to supporting developers, innovators, and teams shaping the decentralized future of web3. At PiKNiK, we're equipped with the hardware and expertise to help bring your visions to life. Let's build together!